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Architecture for Barns & Redundant Buildings


Redundant and empty buildings will only fail - at last the government is starting to appreciate this. Often converting a barn is the only way of ensuring that the obsolete agricultural store does not fall into a state of disrepair. Without conversions, future generations may never understand what our countryside used to look like and appreciate how it has evolved.

However, not every building is suitable for conversion and the buildings history should always be considered.

When such buildings are converted their original form it should be apparent and not blurred with false history. Contemporary designs are often suitable to make it very apparent which is old and new.

When converting a redundant building, we clear our thoughts and avoid any preconceived ideas. We start with a blank sheet of paper and accept that anything is possible, only following the likes and dislikes determined by each of our clients. By listening to our clients we design for their benefit and use, only offering guidance when required.

We believe that our role is to bring together the varying elements, making it an attractive resalable asset and a comfortable home. We take account of client’s thoughts, design, cost implications, site capabilities, the latest ecological aspects, insulation, energy and water saving technologies, to create a conversion to be proud of.



Remodel of a barn conversion, Devon

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Viability survey of potential barn conversion, Midlands

Barn Conversion

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Barn Conversion

Formation of flats in redundant agricultural building, Somerset


Cheshire glazed link between listed barns, Cheshire

Barn Conversion

Conversion of redundant hop house to flats, Nr Bath


Viability survey of barn conversion, South Wales

Barn Conversion

Viability survey of barn conversion, Gloucestershire

Barn Conversion

Remodel of a barn conversion, Devon

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