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Project Management and Contract Administration


Project Management and Contract Administration can be very misunderstood as it can mean so many differing levels of support to a client. This service is very dependent upon the requirements and capabilities of the client and clarity needs to be confirmed from the outset to ensure that each client gets the services they require to fulfil their personal requirements.

As part of our service for a project, we can include the compilation of a full Schedule of Works and assistance in sending this out to tender, or to just obtaining a few quotations from specialist sub contractors. This can be carried out as an isolated service or as part of our various fuller Project Management and Contract Administration service.

To some of our clients Project Management can be just members of our team being available by email or phone simply to advise them of their direction or next task with a very occasional site visit.

To other clients Project Management could be regular monthly or weekly meetings with our team, the contractors and themselves on site, detailing various aspects as required, during the progression of the project.

The most inclusive service is to have a full time John Hardy Site Agent on site for the duration of the construction of the project. We would then be responsible for every aspect of construction, with us handing over the key to our client upon completion of all works.

Often our service can be variable, subject to the phase of the project, the skill set of the client and the time available to them to be on site.

In every situation we endeavour to assist each client to feel that they are as involved as they wish to be in the project and to be as flexible as possible to accommodate their changes.


Project Management

Project management labour and materials, Herefordshire


Self-build; project manage and certification, Dartmouth

Analyse builders quotations and check quality, Somerset

Project manage all aspects inc. timber frame, Berkshire

Project Management

Self-build; project manage and certification, Hampshire


Self build; Certify works on completion, Oxfordshire

Project manage

Project manage all aspects inc timber frame, Bedfordshire

Project manage

Project manage labour and materials, Bedfordshire

Project Management

Monitor contractors and certify, Kingston upon Thames


Self-build; certify works on completion, Somerset

Project manage

Project manage labour and
materials, Bristol

Project manage

Monitor structural wall, during construction, Devon


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