My aim is to offer an economical and professional service in design, project management and surveying of property.


I endeavour to ensure that the end product is the most cost-effective result for the budget and resources available, whilst taking the strain out of the bureaucratic procedures and the complexities of design. This enables clients to enjoy their property and husbandry of it.


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Site Safety


John Hardy is an accredited CDM Co-ordinator, compliant with Construction (Design and Management) regulations 2007.


Where a project is notifiable, we assist with the complexities of the co-ordination of the varying site Health and Safety requirements of each trade and any specific requirements to the site. In such cases a package of information will be compiled for safety aspects and handed on to the client.


A note to remember by all on site operatives, management and clients is: All those who work in the construction industry have their part to play in looking after their own health and safety and in improving the industry's Health and Safety record.
















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